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Raising Fame: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Superstars Before the Spotlight with co-hosts, Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal 


Raising Fame: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Superstars Before the Spotlight with co-hosts, Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal 

When we think of monumental icons and superstars, we see them dazzling on stage, captivating us with their performances, or leading their teams to victory. Their larger-than-life talents seem almost supernatural, as if they were destined to be legends from the moment they were born. But behind every superstar is a humble beginning. Who witnessed their first smile? Who recognized their potential for greatness before the world knew their name? Who taught them to stand, so they could reach the stars?

This is the story that “Raising Fame” seeks to tell. Premiering Sunday, July 7th at 10p/9c on TV One, this groundbreaking docuseries dives into the lives of today’s biggest stars before they became household names. It explores the foundational years that shaped their paths to fame, offering an intimate glimpse into their early struggles, triumphs, and the pivotal moments that set them on their course to greatness.

The Untold Stories of Rising Legends

“Raising Fame” is more than just a series; it’s a heartfelt homage to the families, friends, and mentors who played crucial roles in the development of these icons. Viewers will be treated to exclusive interviews with the parents, siblings, childhood friends, and coaches who saw something special long before the rest of the world did. These first-hand accounts reveal the unyielding support and sacrifices made to nurture their talents.

Each episode of “Raising Fame” is dedicated to a different superstar, tracing their journey from infancy to the brink of fame. We’ll see home videos of their first steps, listen to stories about their early passions, and discover the turning points that led them to pursue their dreams. Whether it’s a renowned actor who first fell in love with theater in a high school play, or a basketball legend who spent countless hours perfecting their jump shot in a neighborhood park, “Raising Fame” captures the essence of these formative experiences.

Behind Every Star, a Team

The series also sheds light on the unsung heroes – the coaches who provided tough love, the teachers who inspired creativity, and the parents who offered unwavering support. It’s a celebration of the village that it truly takes to raise a star. These personal narratives underscore the importance of community and the impact of dedicated mentorship in fostering young talent.

“Raising Fame” doesn’t shy away from the challenges faced by these future stars. It delves into the obstacles and setbacks that tested their resolve, illustrating how resilience and determination were critical in their rise to prominence. These stories of overcoming adversity are both inspiring and humbling, reminding us that every success story is built on a foundation of perseverance.

A Must-Watch for Fans and Aspiring Stars Alike

For fans, “Raising Fame” offers a deeper connection to their favorite icons, revealing the human side of fame. It’s a chance to see the raw, unpolished moments that preceded the polished performances we admire today. For aspiring stars, it’s a source of motivation, demonstrating that greatness is achieved through hard work, dedication, and a strong support system.

As we prepare for the premiere of “Raising Fame” on TV One, let’s celebrate the journey behind the journey – the untold stories that remind us that even the brightest stars started from humble beginnings. Tune in on Sunday, July 7th at 10p/9c to witness the heartwarming and inspiring tales of those who saw the spark before the world saw the flame.

“Raising Fame” is not just a show; it’s a tribute to the power of potential, the importance of mentorship, and the incredible journey from ordinary to extraordinary.


The series Raising Fame is based on the Raising Fame: Sports Edition podcast that ended in 2020 which revealed the amazing childhood backstories of the most popular sports icons and shared the highs and lows on their path to glory. In the new TV ONE series, Raising Fame hosts Sonya Curry and Lucille O’Neal will visit the home and local community of each superstar’s parents. They’ll sit down for a taste of the superstar’s favorite meal before delving into an intimate conversation with the parents. The superstar will make an appearance in person or on a video chat. From the funny family stories to first heartbreaks, nothing will be off-limits. The show will conclude with a “Lessons Learned” segment where Sonya and Lucille will relate what they’ve learned from their guests and how it applies to the raising of their own children.

Celebrity photographer and disabled Vietnam veteran Jerome Dorn embodies the very definition of resilience. Born in Philadelphia, the fifth of seven children, Dorn stayed focused throughout his youth, eventually obtaining his degree in Criminal Justice. Dorn has worked with the Philadelphia Police Department, Department of Justice, World Wide Detective Agency, and several other high profile security groups. Throughout his successful career, Dorn wrestled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an aftereffect of his military service. Battling the pain and debilitating effect of PTSD, Dorn found comfort behind the camera. Photography proved to be not only therapeutic, but life changing as well. Dorn picked up his first camera in 1970 while serving in Vietnam and knew instantly that behind the lens was where he belonged. His shooting style and photographs were special, generating a buzz in the industry. In 1985, he began his career in photojournalism, working in a variety of genres. Dorn’s credentials include fashion, lifestyle photography, photojournalism, and celebrity/red carpet coverage. Working with MSNBC, Jet Magazine, and major publications in Philadelphia and around the country, Dorn has had the honor of capturing the images of hundreds of notable celebrities and politicians including President Barack Obama, George Bush Jr, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Jesse Jackson, Rihanna, Snoop Dog, Will Smith, and Tyler Perry. Photography has sent Dorn around the globe, inspiring his passion for civil activism. In 1995, Dorn assembled and led a group of forty-two men to the Million Man March. Together, they spent five days walking from Philadelphia to Washington DC. In his travels, Dorn observed a common theme amongst the youth of the world. Many of the children he encountered seemed lost. Understanding that opportunities for at-risk youth are minimal, Dorn was inspired to make a difference. Established by Dorn in 2011, InDaHouseMedia was built on the idea that there is room in the house for everyone. With InDaHouseMedia, Dorn’s mission is to provide the future generation with positive direction through sports, music, and photography.

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